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Hello there, It’s great to see you here!

I’m EDWIN KIMEMIA, Born and raised in Murangá, Kenya and later moved to Nairobi. I am extremely passionate about all things, finances, freedom, creating wealth, specifically, and I created this blog in order to share my personal style, knowledge, and opinions with you.

I began blogging in mid-2019  as a hobby. At the time, the local finance blogging scene was saturated with blogs directed to wealthy people, and I wanted to fill that gap and provide a resource where guys like me could come and get inspiration from. I believe this was YAHWEH showing me that people actually acknowledge what I do.

Having seen the potential in my blog, I decided to grow my brand and actually make a difference in how people perceive creating wealth in Kenya.

Thank you from the deepest depths of my heart for being part of my story. It doesn’t matter if you’ve been here from the beginning, or just a couple of hours ago, I appreciate you!